JANUARY 9, 2019

Hey everyone! I know its been a while since I last wrote a blogpost but guess who’s finally back! So today I will be sharing with you guys my experience with Visit Abu Dhabi. So as you may already know I traveled to Abu Dhabi very recently and I was accompanied by my sister. The trip was completely sponsored by Visit Abu Dhabi, all the expenses from the flight tickets, to the stay, transportation and meals were bared by Visit Abu Dhabi . This was not only it, the team made sure to make this trip a memorable one by showing us around all the touristy spots around the city!


I don’t want to miss out on sharing all the small details, so I am going to be starting from the very beginning and that is the flight! Me and my sister flew first class to Abu Dhabi with Etihad airways!  Etihad made sure to pamper us to the fullest and the staff treated us with so much hospitality! Both me and my sister, Sanjana had a very comfortable journey!

After reaching Abu Dhabi, we checked into our hotel which was called Al Seef Resort! The property was nothing less than a dream. There were so many food joints, salons and souvenir stores inside the resort. And if thats not enough, there was an entire mall within the Al Seef resort! Honestly, I had no reason to step outside the hotel as there was already so much to do within the property itself! After we checked into our apartment, I knew the trip is going to be much more lavish than I had expected it to be! We spent a nice comfortable night in the apartment and started early the next day!

Our Mercedes was ready waiting outside for us to take us to some amazing places we had in our itinerary. The first stop had to be Ferrari World! I am extremely big on roller coasters! I would always run towards amusement parks than shopping malls, believe me when I say that ! Ferrari World literally has the World’s Longest and Fastest Roller Coaster! We had fast track passes so we didn’t have to wait in a queue and could take the ride again and again according to our convenience. We also had a great lunch  at this Italian place called Mamma Rossella! The whole vibe of the place was so great! I remember me and my sister over ordered but we made sure to finish the entire food even when we were so full, as the food was sooo good! Yum, my mouth has started to water only by thinking about it!

Our second stop was Louvre! Louvre undoubtedly has to be one of the best museums I have ever visited ! It has over 600 artworks, not bad for a museum that has opened up so recently. I have always been driven towards historical things and so it was amazing to learn about so many new things ! Our day did not end there. Our last destination for the day was the Itran Restaurant, where we grabbed some amazing food! Couldn’t have asked for a better dinner after such long day!

After having such a fun packed first day, I knew that the second day and the days ahead are only going to be better ! Started my day by going to this trampoline park called Bounce. I had never experienced being in a trampoline park before this and boy, it was so much fun! I met a trainer called Mark at the park who taught me some really cool tricks! He said I wasn’t too bad for the first time, haha! We headed for lunch post Bounce. We had our lunch at this restaurant called Pepper Mill. It was an Indian restaurant. And can I be honest with you? I cannot remember eating such delicious Indian meal in India either! We ate more than our appetite allowed us but we were so not to be blamed! The food was brilliant and so we insisted on meeting the chef, in order to congratulate him!

Then we headed towards Yas Waterworld! If you’re in Abu Dhabi, you have to go to Yas Waterworld! Our trip would have been so incomplete if we wouldn’t have gone to Yas, to be honest ! Me and my sister had a wonderful time! We did so many water slides, chilled in the lazy pool and went on a roller coaster! Wanna know the best part? We did the same roller coster 5 times back to back because it was so much fun, lol! Lazying around in water for so many hours made us hungry again !

I think eating at all these fancy restaurants has to be my favourite part of the entire trip, haha ! We had an amazing dinner at another Indian food joint called Chota and then we headed to Alouette for some dessert! Ate some waffles and crepes before getting into bed! After such delicious food, we knew we would get some great sleep !

We started at 6 a.m. on our last day in Abu Dhabi, so we could experience Kayaking watching the most beautiful sunset ever! Sacrificing on sleep was so worth it! Couldn’t have imagined ending our trip on a better note. Well this was all about my trip! If you guys want to know anything else apart from this then please feel free to comment below and let me know! There are so many more places to explore in Abu Dhabi and I can’t wait to be back there again!

JANUARY 9, 2019

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