JULY 19, 2016

Hey everyone ! I am back with another blogpost and today we talk about this amazing site that I came across called Craftsvilla! So recently I had been struggling to find something ethnic to wear as I had to attend an office party. Being a fashion blogger, everyone really pays attention to what I wear and thinking I don't have anything ethnic to wear at the party I was just freaking out ! I would have totally skipped wearing ethnic if it wasn't a theme party ! I had no where to go, so I planned on calling one of my friends to take some suggestions and she told me about Craftsvilla. She praised this site so much that I had to go and check it out myself.

As soon as I saw the first outfit, I took a sigh of relief thinking I would surely get something stunning to wear.


Link to the site :  Craftsvilla

As I begun surfing the site, I instantly knew that I am definitely going to end up taking just more than one outfit. Beginning with what I bought to wear at the office party. I purchased this Orange Kurti. The moment I saw it , I knew that this is just perfect for the occasion. The material is Georgette which is perfect for summers. The Kurti is beautiful and the amazing white thread work just adds a lot of grace to it.

I also came across this beautiful suit which I cannot wait to wear ! This white suit is so comfortable and is perfect for casual days when you feel like throwing on a Kurti or wear something ethnic ! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. What is so great about this suit, apart from how it looks, is the material of it ! Its cotton which makes this outfit so airy and fresh !

Just because I couldn't stop myself from surfing a bit more, I laid my hands on this beautiful semi-ethnic skirt, which I am so eager to style ! Its for one of those days when you want to go out with your friends for a cup of coffee or to get some good lunch. Simply wearing a black or white top with this skirt would do justice to this it !

I am so excited to go back to this site and shop some more because you can never get enough, right? ;) I had an amazing experience shopping with Craftsvilla and I am sure it can help you with the same !


Link :  Craftsvilla


See you until next time, till then Happy Blogging <3

JULY 19, 2016

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