AUGUST 24,2015

Heyyy everyone ! I am back with a new collaboration ! Today I am collaborating with the Brand called Dress Addict. Dress Addict is an amazing online store from where you can buy everything ranging from trendy formal dresses to cool summer dresses. And no, don’t be mistaken by the name, they have a lot of amazing stuff in stock for you, more than just dresses.


I am really excited to talk about the look for today as I absolutely love it !


So, the look that we follow in today’s blog is called COLOR BLOCK. I am sure all you fashion enthusiasts are already aware of what this trend is all about. And if you’re not yet aware, don’t hesitate but come learn some more about it with me, right away ! ;)


Without wasting any further time, lets start with the blog !


So, here is the picture of the look :



I am sure after looking at this picture you guys would have gotten a little idea of what color blocking actually means.


Nothing to stress about, just to mix and match bright colors and carrying it off in a way which makes other people think of it coming altogether as one outfit !


Usually when we dress up, we are a bit hesitant to go for different colored accessories and different colored heels plus adding on a different colored bag, aren’t we? But while following this trend, there is absolutely no reason for you to hold yourself back or to be hesitant, instead this trend allows you to go wild! So lets go wild girlies !

I chose to look all barbie. I really wanted to carry this look since a very long time and I am absolutely pleased with the way the look came out to be.


I absolutely love this stunning dress by DRESS ADDICT as it is not only pretty looking but is extremely comfortable and economic ! Everybody likes shopping and everybody likes shopping when the clothes are economic as we get shop all the more ! Haha, am I right or am I RIGHT?! ;)


I chose to carry a neon yellow bag with this beautiful barbie pink pleated dress to outshine it all the more. Here is a picture of the clutch:

Had I worn neon yellow heels, then the look would have been Contrasting and not Color Blocking and to stick to the trend, I chose to wear Ice blue heels with this stunning dress !

One final picture of the complete look:

Make up :

DRESS ADDICT has an amazing collection of dresses and a wide variety of choices! They offer stunning dresses, skirts and all the wardrobe essentials that one needs ! The clothes that they avail are so economical that it feels no burden to buy hand full of clothes at one go !


Follow @DRESSADDICT_9 on Instagram to go through the amazing stuff they have for you and shop all that you want to as they have wonderful clothing items as you can already see ! :D


Also check out their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dressaddict9?ref


I am definitely gonna go back to #DRESSADDICT and shop as much as I can. You want to too? Then get set gooo <3


I hope you guys liked this look. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends. You can tag me on Instagram under the hashtag ‘MGFB’.


In case you people are interested in being updated with my day to day dress-ups then you guys can always follow me on Instagram. My username is : MEHAKGHAI


Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging! <3

AUGUST 24,2015

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