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OCTOBER 19 , 2016

Today the topic that I am picking to write a blogpost about may be very interesting and informative for all of you. I will be sharing my thoughts on SHAVING! Yes, you heard that right. Being a fashion blogger and constantly having to pose in front of the camera, I need to make sure I am always waxed. But waxing is not convenient when it comes to regularity as it takes time for your hair to grow back from the roots to be able to be plucked out again, so I prefer shaving my body! Shaving makes my job a gazillion times easier!

I use the razors from Gillette Venus as it runs smoothly on my body. The blades of these razors work effortlessly and do not leave me with rashes! Before I had met with this brand, I was always sceptical about shaving too but now I just can't get my head back to anything else!

There are so many myths attached to shaving but Gillette Venus has proved all of them wrong. Shaving every day does not cause hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster. Yes, it is a myth. When shaving, you are simply cutting off the ends of the hair which has no effect on the thickness or the rate at which the hair grows. The myth originated from the fact that uncut hair has a tapered end, so when shaved hair grows back it may seem thicker because the end is more blunt.

I am so convinced that shaving is much more convenient, effortless, less painful and easier than waxing! I am absolutely enjoying using the new shaving cream and razors from Gillette Venus and I am sure you'll fall in love with them too! If you have more tips and tricks about shaving, comment down below.


See you until next time, till then Happy Blogging!


OCTOBER 19 , 2016

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