JULY 26,2015

Hi everyone ! Time for a new blog. All of you who follow me on Instagram might have a slight idea of what I am about to blog about today. Its now time for a new collaboration. Today I am collaborating with the Brand called MISSA MORE.


Missa More is a high-street company operating in the fast fashion style. Look forward to availing beautiful dresses from the latest trends at great prices!


Missa More has the largest collection of the lifestyle fashion and delivering the best of them at your door steps. They provide you with the exclusive outfits for your special occasions making you look just ‘perfect’. Their collection is handpicked by their experts to serve you the correct size, quality material and color of your interest.


Fashion represents ones personality, so it is important to keep in mind to dress up well. You believe in comfort? No problem at all! As Missa More is one of those brands who will provide you with all the latest trends and would also take your comfort into consideration!


Now without wasting any time further, lets begin with the blog. This blog consists of two absolutely STUNNING dresses.


Lets begiiiiiiin ! So the first outfit looks something like this :

Pretty, right? So what do you think this is? A maxi? Yeah? Are you sure?


Well, this dress is more like a suspense movie. Its gorgeous but you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for it..

Amazingggg rightt?!


I am sure all you guys know what high low dresses are. But isn’t this one of a kind? High-low dresses are a great item to have in your closet. In the front, the short hemline hits just at the knees–or in some cases it hits above the knee–but the back of the dress is an entirely different story. High-low dresses can swing low to the ankle in the back, or they can even come with a dramatic train that grazes the floor. Whether you’re looking for a casual day frock or something for the evening, high-low dresses are super easy to style.


You now have an idea of how unique Missa More is. This high low dress is low to the ankle from the front and the back of the dress is way above the knee.

High-low dresses are taking the season by storm. The unexpected in the asymmetry of the hemline gives this design edgy uniqueness.

Make up and hair:

Now its time for the look number two.


So the second look looks something like this :

Are you heading out for a beach vacation or confused about the choice of summer attire for evening party? Well, think no more as Long Western Dresses.


– maxi dresses are once again flavor of this summer season.  Stylish fashionable women can hide extra fat and look like a diva in set of matching accessories on any occasion in a maxi dress.

MISSA MORE has an amazing collection of maxi dresses and a wide variety of choices! The dresses that they avail are so economical that it feels no burden to buy hand full of clothes at one go !


This outfit has won the hearts of women across age groups, sizes and different body shapes as one can beat scorching summer heat in style in it. With a floor-skimming skirt panel, rich colors and lovely prints, maxi dress is the top choice of fashion forward women this summer.


Make up and hair :

Follow @Missamore on Instagram to go through the amazing stuff they have for you and shop all that you want to as they have wonderful clothing items as you can already see ! :D


Also check out their site : http://www.missamore.com


I am definitely gonna go back to #MISSAMORE and shop as much as I can. You want to too? Then get set gooo <3


I hope you guys liked these looks. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends. You can tag me on Instagram under the hashtag ‘MGFB’.


In case you people are interested in being updated with my day to day dress-ups then you guys can always follow me on Instagram. My username is : MEHAKGHAI


Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging! <3

JULY 26,2015

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