MAY 20,2015

Before I start with the seventh blog I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting and for being unable to keep you all updated with the latest trends. Like I mentioned in my last post that I have my exams going on and shall be regular once I am done with them, so now since I am done with all my exams I will be pretty regular in posting all the blogs on time. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience and the delay.


Also, as I informed you guys about the collaborations, they’ll be updated here really soon too. Now without wasting any further time, lets begin with the seventh blog.:)


So today the look that I’d be sharing with you guys is gonna be a bit edgy and bold. This is what it looks like:

Upper : Vest top A stylish wardrobe is dependent on the basics its built around and vest tops are one of the essentials.

Lower : Shredded, vintage – esque denim shorts were all the rage this summer, and – as all trendy girls know – they can last throughout the fall when worn over an opaque pair of black leggings or tights. The other great thing about shredded high-waist denim shorts? You can pick up a pair from a thrift shop and DIY the shreds!


In case you guys are not really confident about your legs or are not really comfortable wearing shorts, no worries at all as you guys can pep the same look with a hot pair of leather jeggings or torn jeans.


A must for this look are edgy accessories. Here’s what I’ve used:

Some well-stacked edgy jewelry can make all the difference in making your outfit look intentional and awesome rather than haphazard. Don’t be afraid to layer several pieces at once. Leather wrap bracelets and chunky bangles have a rock-and-roll vibe to them. Look for ones with brass, copper, or gold embellishments.


FOOTWEAR: GLADIATORS are the Hottest Trend of the Season! I am completely pleased with the way they look with this attire.


That’s all you need for this look.


I hope you guys liked this look. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends. You can tag me on Instagram under the hashtag ‘MGFB’.


In case you people are interested in being updated with my day to day dress-ups then you guys can always follow me on Instagram. My username is : MEHAKGHAI


Before I end this blog, here is a picture of the complete look for you.:)

Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging ! <3

MAY 20,2015

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