MAY 2,2015

Time for a new blog.:)


Firstly I’d like to apologize because I haven’t really been posting on time lately and that’s because I have my exams going on. I shall be free on the 18th of May and then I am gonna be as regular as I should be.


Also, looking at the number of views I have been getting on my blogs lately I am really happy that all of you are appreciating my work. Thank you so much and I hope that we keep on growing in number.


Exciting news! I am soon gonna be collaborating with a few other bloggers and fashion teams, so stay tuned for that.


Further, without wasting more of your time lets begin with the SIXTH BLOG.


Today’s blog is gonna be about a look that is simple yet so elegant.


Here is a picture of the look for today.

If you haven’t already realized, I have kept the makeup and hairstyle the same in the last two blogs as well. Not only because all these blogs were shot on the same day but also because this look does kinda go with all these attires.


I wouldn’t say that this dress is a casual wear because it is more like formal and outgoing during the day time.While you may not wear a formal dress often, it is a good idea to keep a couple of them in your closet.


Here is the complete look of the dress.

The color of the dress is really soothing and since its white you can accessorize it with gold.


However, since I am not into accessorizing much, I planned on wearing a delicate watch which I have been wearing a lot lately.


Lets be stylish this summer. I think fashion is about dressing according whats fashionable and style is more about being yourself. So lets be ourselves. However it maybe, crazy, wild, elegant, chic, mad.. lets just be ourselves and depict it through our clothes.


Its now time for you to style yourself. :D


All of you can also be updated with my day to day fashion and makeup on Instagram. So follow me. My username: mehakghai


I hope you guys liked this look. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends. You can tag me on Instagram under the hashtag ‘MGFB’.


Before I end this blog, here is the picture of the complete look for you.:)

Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging ! <3

MAY 20,2015

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