JANUARY 17, 2016

Hi everyone ! I am back with a new blog post which I am sure you all are going to love ! It would not be untrue to say that this winters I am obsessing with fur. This obsession has been going strong since quite a long time now and it still continues ! As you must have already understood by the title of my blog post 'The Fur Story',  all the looks we are going to talk about today will definitely have fur in it !


I know many of you must already be angered reading fur again and again but don't worry, all the looks are styled with faux fur and not real fur.


I am not only going to discuss with you one look today but three! Exciting, right?  So without wasting any further time, lets get started with the first look :-


So the first look is basically more formal and outgoing. It looks something like this :

It is very important to keep in mind that in fashion you gotta stick to your gut and do yourself and your own moods. I am sure most of us have seen our moms' and grand moms' wearing fur coats back in the days, which we consider outdated. However, styling them in the right way can make you the eye-candy among the people around you! It’s that brown, nude, light pink, beige, hip-length or even over-the-knee fur coat your mom maybe used to wear back in the day or your grandma had for those elegant refined evenings back when she was younger.

It’s brown/beige/nude color is perfect for that vintage yet fashion forward look, and although it may seem hard to pair with anything other than black or white, it LOOKS fab with just about any colors, prints, patterns and clothes. Just don’t over think it. Throw it over jeans and sweatshirts, or a party dress and you will look fantastic.

Why VINTAGE? They did make them better back in the day, from cuts to colors. Besides, the vintage feel is perfect for this 70s-in-today look. I feel like the best vintage brown coat is definitely the one slightly over your bum, hips-length, perfect for day and night, for casual or elegant looks, with side pockets and a classic collar.


Faux fur coat : ZARA


This was all about the first look, now lets begin talking about the second look. The second look is more of those colder days ! Second look appears to be something like this :-

"You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur." ― Karl Lagerfeld


Faux is the new chic when it comes to fur and today, anyone can wear it and pull it off. Faux fur is one of the most fun trends to rock this winter. Not only is it cozy and super-stylish, but it's warm and guilt-free, too. And as much as I love a fabulous faux fur statement coat, the trend does not stop there! From fuzzy vests to poofy purses, luxe collars to plush hats, faux fur can instantly update your outfit with a posh, playful edge.

Ditch your trusted old black puffer and your practical wool coat and glam up your outdoor look with a whimsical twist of a faux fur. Something about a white faux fur jacket or coat is a little intimidating. They just look so luxe and fancy !

Its versatility has made it a shared commodity we’re so happy we invested in. So if you’re wondering if you too need a black faux fur jacket before winter’s end, I’m here to tell you that you just might. And with so many amazing options out there (at great prices!) now could be the perfect time to get one and still wear it!


Faux Fur Coat: Forever 21


And finally the last look. Hope you're enjoying the blog post so far ! The third look is more of a party look. So I am guessing that this look will intrigue you more than the earlier ones have ! So the look looks something like this :-


Don't know how to dress yourself up for the cold windy nights? I'll tell you how! Begin dressing up just like you do for your normal clubbing days or dinner parties, wearing your LBD and your black heels and throw over a faux fur coat and you're good to go !

This look will not only make you look classy, fabulous and party ready but will also keep you warm, cozy and comfortable ! What more could we ask for, right? Faux Fur is without a doubt one of my winter essentials this season.

Faux Fur Coat: H&M


I am really proud of the way this as well as the other looks turned out to be and I really hope you enjoyed these looks as well.


I hope you guys liked these looks. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends. You can tag me on Instagram under the hashtag ‘MGFB’.


In case you people are interested in being updated with my day to day dress-ups then you guys can always follow me on Instagram. My username is : MEHAKGHAI


Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging!

JANUARY 17, 2016

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