APRIL 18,2015

Its time for a new blog. I am really excited for this one. But firstly, as I mentioned in my last blog that I would be mentioning the days when I’d be posting my blogs, so the days that I have decided are Wednesday and Saturday. I would be posting a few additional blogs which would be based on beauty and make up. So stay tuned for that :)

Now without further a do, lets get started with the next blog. Are you guys excited?


So today the look is floral print. Floral is my all time favorite trend, especially in summers. Its so fresh and refreshing. Floral prints are a classic pattern in the history and world of fashion. It’s one of those prints that will never get old, regardless of the year or season.


With so many types of floral prints to choose from, it’s important to choose a pattern that works with your personal taste and style. Flower designs can range from dainty and delicate to big and bold, each kind carrying its own personality and character.


If you prefer styles that are simple and sophisticated, try looking for a print that features small, miniature flowers. A finer print is not only appropriate for the office and work place, but is a great way to bring in a feminine touch. If you’re the type to rock statement patterns, a print featuring larger flowers will work best for you. Look for bright colors, vibrant designs and eye-catching details.

Wearing accessories is one the most tried and true ways of wearing any kind of pattern, and the same can certainly be said for floral prints. Even just one accessory is enough to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit. For this look, as it is very casual, I’ve used these cool reflectors.

Now the shoes. My favorite. Pairing flower prints with your favorite style of heels or shoes is a great way to wear florals with sophistication. High heels and platform shoes also look especially flattering with floral prints, especially if you’re going for a more sultry yet fun look.

Before I end it, here is the complete look for all of you. <3

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog more than the others. Next one coming soon. See you until next time. Till then, Happy blogging. <3

APRIL 18,2015

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